We devote our activity to support our Customers Strategy, delievering the best innovative and sustainable Retail Solutions, always seeking to add value for our Customers, Suppliers, Employes and Shareholders.



RELIABILITY | We deliver solutions according our customer needs and as a result of deep studies of field retail environment, market trends, technology evolution and market rules.

EXCELLENCE | We always seek to overcome customers expectations by developing outsanding and quality solutions, under the rules of the most prestigious worldwide certifications.

TRUST | We guide our market behavior by a strong Corporation culture based on trust and confidence, behaving as part of our customers organizations with responsability, loyalty, open comunication and partnership.

TEAM | We invest in our team qualification development working in a pleasant environment, using the best process and method to facilitate the best team integration and delivery.

business drivers

CREATIVITY | Creativity is blood. We use a strong mix of experience and fresh minds for projects development applying always a touch of creativity and differentiation in adjusted and functional designs.

ADVANCED SOLUTIONS | Innovation is in the base of our process. We look towards to develop Solutions including latest standards of technology and by applying functional designs we assure easy process of installation and handling.

METHOD & PROCESS | We apply our methods using a very fine tuned development process. From briefings, we deeply study the customer needs, their competition and market place environment in order to achieve the highest levels of quality and adaptability to fit the specific needs of each company.

ADD VALUE | By detailing and hardly studying the projects we always seek to over achieve the customer expectations. We think usability, retail environment, retail rules and building and storage process of each project, allowing us to support our customers avoiding unexpected details.

PASSION | Our Team is daily evolved in the process with responsibility, creativity, team work and full passion. Customer satisfaction is our proud and the best return we can get.

service solutions

DESIGN | We always seek to add value through differentiated solutions with Current and Innovative design.
Our constant concern is to find workable solutions with integration technology that allows extol and dignify our products in any exhibition environment.

INTEGRATED LOGISTICS OF MERCHANDISING | We seek to find appropriate solutions for their daily needs.
By a group of qualified professionals with high ethical responsibility we are able to manage the entire merchandising and promotional material. We produce, install and guarantee the ongoing maintenance of products and shop displays through transparent processes and innovative running on a single information platform that lets you know at any time the status and is location.

REMOTE CONTENT IN STORE MANAGEMENT | Give greater prominence to the product avoiding the surrounding visual noise. The PLM has the solution you are looking for. Remotely control the contents of the products in store or in public space and with highest security standards. PLM solutions enable a high level of flexibility and safety information with real-time communication and dynamic content management.

Be key differentiator in a competitive markets requires us to always be one step ahead, study and seek the latest solutions and ensure full customer satisfaction.

FIELD FORCE MANAGEMENT | As retail specialist, we also have ability to provide the best contributors in the field, so we are able to
find, select, train and prepare competent professionals representing their brand in their merchandising and promotional activities.

management system

PLM is an organization compliant with Quality Management System, Environmental management and also on management of Research, Development and Innovation – RDI – (Translated from IDI – Investigação, Desenvolvimento e Inovação ) according to refences ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and NP 4457. Recently was certified in Social Responsability according to the SA8000.

The adoption of norms, provides daily greater organization, productivity and credibility – increasing competitiveness, in national and international markets.

There were improvements in internal processes, better specialization of employees and consolidation of customer satisfaction, partners, and suppliers.

PLM is distinguished by its qualities of performance, and risk profile.

This is a commitment and a respect for employees’ rights, the responsibility of defense and protection of the environment, transparency in relation with the outside and satisfaction of stakeholders- employees, customers, suppliers and society in general.

In order of quality improved processes, from an environmental view point, the QMS as allowed us a better understanding and management of different environment aspects in a continuous and systematic way, assuring compromise with a continuous improvement on our performance about this matter

Office: PLM Plural SA
Urbanização Chave, Lote K21-B
3810-081 Aveiro, Portugal
TEL: +351 234 481 399
FAX: +351 234 481 397

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